National Professional Housing Provider Mission: Enable members to expand their education and knowledge via courses as valuable tools to attain successful goals and present a professional image to the public and government.

The National Real Estate Investors Association is dedicated to the success of the National REIAs PHP program being fully supportive of CIREIA.

Local classes and on-line classes are available.  Check out the national classes at -- National Reia University -- here to help you at your convenience.

What is the NaPHP designation?

The NaPHP designation is a nationwide education-based certification program designed to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the designation holders. It is sponsored and overseen by the National Real Estate Investor’s Association.

Why obtain the NaPHP designation?

Only persons completing the educational requirements will be permitted to hold themselves out to the public as a Professional Housing Provider. The designee will be recognized in the form of an award certificate, designated pin and the right to use the designation.

He or she should recognize that having a basic education in the topics outlines below will increase his or her ability to reach goals in real estate investment. Further, as National REIA works to make the NaPHP designation more recognizable, it is hoped that the NaPHP holders will have an advantage in dealing with legal and governmental bodies when a “my word against his” situation occurs. It will also aid in encouraging legislators to think of educated investors as a larger group for political action. Other tangible benefits, including discounts on courses an educational materials, may be added as the program develops.

Who can obtain the NaPHP designation?

PHP designation can be obtained by Members in Good Standing of CIREIA/National REIA.


Courses will offered through CIREIA sub-groups, Super Saturdays and other course options including on-line classes.

Your attendance in any of the following courses will be recorded by CIREIA staff, crediting your enrollment with attendance in approved classes.

Please use a copy of this form to also track your attendance so you will know what subjects you need to complete.  CLICK HERE FOR 2017 FORM

You can take as long as you want by taking only live classes and sessions including sub-groups and Super Saturdays.  This method will take 2-3 years to complete.

You may also complete the designation at a quicker pace by combining live classes with on-line classes.

All classes (on-line and live) are open to anyone and you do NOT have to be registered for the PHP program.  However, ONLY REGISTRANTS FOR PHP will receive credit and certification.



The NaPHP certification requires 42 CREDITS of core courses and 18 CREDITS of elective topics. Credit will only be given to participants who attend the entire session. Partial credit will not be allowed.


The NaPHP certification requires 18 CREDITS of elective courses.

COURSES REQUIRED are listed on the COURSE REQUIREMENTS TAB including dates available via.   Schedules may change due to Presenter’s availability. All courses follow NaPHP curriculum requirements.

To Enroll:

Send an email to ExecutiveDirector@CIREIA.ORG with ENROLL INTO PHP PROGRAM in the Subject Line.

In the body include 1) your name 2) best phone to reach you and 3) company name if desired.

We will respond with the credits we currently have registered to your membership and to discuss your best plan. Thanks!