CIREIA Exclusive Packages for incorporating your business with John Cross, Attorney

The “Do-It-Yourself” Package------------------------

Cost: $195.00. This package includes the forms and information you need to create a basic LLC on your own. This package contains an:

  • Introduction Letter that explains how to use the forms, and how to create the LLC:
  • Articles of Organization Form
  • Application Form for Employer Identification Number
  • Minutes of the Initial Meeting Form
  • Operating Agreement Form

The “Inclusive” Package------------------------------

Cost: $495.00.     This package includes everything in the Do-It-Yourself Package plus the assistance and legal advice of John Cross. John will work with you to obtain specific information about the planned operations of the LLC, will create the appropriate documents, and then will file them and obtain the LLC’s employment identification number. He will be available to answer any questions during the setup of the LLC.

*Neither package includes the cost of filing the Articles of Organization which is payable by the purchaser.

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