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Property Management and Landlording is a CIREIA sub-group focusing on topics of interest to both experienced and novice real estate investors who plan to manage their own properties; with the goal of staying current as well as profitable with rules and practices.

Subgroup Leader:

David Morton, Accord Property Management
Assisted by Staci Cool, Director of Property Management for Accord Property Management

David Morton, Owner of Accord Property Management has been in real estate construction, rehab and investing for over 20 years. He owns a successful property management company with clients from all over the world.


Open to members only.

Women in Real Estate also known as WIRE is a CIREIA sub-group, consisting of women focusing on real estate as it pertains to women. Our mission to bring concerns and share real estate and business experiences to help individuals and/or the group in making wise real estate and business decisions, choices, or from making costly mistakes.

Subgroup Leader:

Caroline Hamza, U R Indy Homes


Open to members only.

Dave’s Dinner and a Deal with Dave Short is a CIREIA sub-group that discusses and analyses actual projects in progress with the goal of mentoring investors in multiple topics necessary for success in the real estate investing business.

Subgroup Leader:

Dave Short, C21 Scheetz

Dave has been a leader in Indianapolis real estate for over 40 years has flipped over 60 houses in the past 3 years. As a realtor with C21 Scheetz for over 22 years, Dave continues to be involved in local real estate in multiple methods. He is an active CIREIA member and past Chair on the Board of Directors.


Open to members only.

Mortgages for Investors 101 is a CIREIA sub-group focusing on current and changing lending opportunities applicable to real estate investors and their clients or tenants to help members decipher what is and is not a viable option for their real estate business.

Subgroup Leader:

Beth Linson
BethLinson@gmail.com 317-410-1483

Beth has 3 grown children and 10 grandchildren that keep her busy. In her spare time, Beth enjoys cooking, sewing, reading and playing games with the grandkids. Call Beth at 317-410-1483 or e-mail her at BethLinson@gmail.com any time.

Wholesaling Made Simple

Open to members only. 4th Wednesday of each month.

Wholesaling Made Simple is a CIREIA sub-group that shares practices and tips with members on wholesaling in the real estate investment business with the goal of helping wholesalers grow their business in an ethical and profitable method.

Subgroup Leaders:

Jaren Barnes and Brett Snodgrass, Simple Wholesaling
Jaren@simplewholesaling.com | Brett@simplewholesaling.com

Wholesaling may sound simple but it definitely has it's nuances. Join the Simple Wholesaling team as they share their ten years of experience. Led by Jaren Barnes and Brett Snodgrass, Simple Wholesaling.

Home Inspections Ins and Outs

Open to members only. Second Tuesday of each month.

Home Inspections Ins and Outs is a CIREIA sub-group that educations investors on what to look for in home inspections as well as how to read an inspection report for the betterment of their real estate investment business.

Subgroup Leaders:

Ric Holder and Jason Thompson, US Inspect
rholder@usinspect.com | jthompson@usinspect.com

Notes Notes Notes

Open to members only.

Notes Notes Notes is a CIREIA sub-group that will walk members through the differences in mortgage notes and how they can be a venue for growing their real estate investment business; as well as prepare for the pitfalls that can befall this method of investing.

Subgroup Leader:

Greg Peterson, GML Capital Group

Let's Chat

Open to the public.

Let’s Chat is a CIREIA sub-group that answers members’ questions about the benefits of being a CIREIA member as well as an open discuss about sub-contractors, servicers and other companies that affects their real estate investment business.

Subgroup Leader:

Vickie Perry, CIREA Executive Director

Join us on the first Friday of each month, following the Main Meeting the night before. Talk with Vickie Perry, Executive Director of CIREIA and other CIREIA leaders about how membership will help you grow your real estate investment business.

Open to visitors and new members wanting more information.

Vickie has been flipping homes in Indiana and Florida since the mid 80's. She brings that experience to CIREIA as well as over 20 years of business ownership in marketing and real estate consulting.

CIREIA Legislative Affairs

CIREIA Legislative Affairs Committee, also known as C-LAC has been tasking to stay abreast of all pending legislative issues of concern on behalf of the membership of CIREIA and to act in the best interest of the membership to impact the outcomes of that legislation.

Friday Forms for Investors

Open to members only.

Subgroup Leader:

Jeffrey J Jinks, Attorney at Law

Join attorney Jeff Jinks each month from 8:30-9:30 at his office. Bring your contracts for a quick look and find out if you are protected. Space is limited to the first 20 people so you MUST register by noon the day before. Members only.

Passive Investing: How to get into Real Estate Investing with Minimal Money

Subgroup Leader:

Matt Crawford

Presentation for people who want to invest in real estate but have less than $25,000. This PASSIVE INVESTING is a method to help you join other investors and learn along the way.

Want to flip houses and experience the groundbreaking returns?
But don't have enough cash?
Have you heard of PASSIVE INVESTING?
With as little as $5,000 investment you can get into the program with other investors.
All transactions run through local attorney.

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